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Are you ready to eliminate stress, master your mind and emotions and beat burn out?

The Digital Wellness Kit is packed with practices designed to fit into your busy work day, help you get more done in less time and enjoy your downtime doing things you love with the people you love, without thinking about your never-ending To-Do List.
Digital Wellness Kit | Digital Wellness Kit

This is for you if…

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This can become your reality with the Digital Wellness Kit.

The Digital Wellness Kit is your take-everywhere solution to stress, packed with yoga, breath work and guided meditation.

With the Digital Wellness Kit you'll

Digital Wellness Kit | Digital Wellness Kit

What my Clients Say

Parm has given me the confidence that I can practice yoga sequences on my own at a stretch in a short time.
Meena Giri
In the midst of a pandemic calm is what we need and I found it. Parm teaches from her heart and leads you gently out of the stress of daily life and into a place of calm and relaxation.
Celeste Smucker
Her yogic postures sequence progressively will take you in to a relaxed and balanced state of mind.
Dev Kumar

Digital Wellness Kit

Are you ready to eliminate stress, master your mind and emotions and beat burn out?​



Digital Wellness Package

Are you ready get to know your body, find balance and say goodbye to stress?




What's Inside the Digital Wellness Kit?

Module One

Start your Day off Right

Hit the ground running with these morning routines designed to reduce anxiety, energize the mind and body and improve focus.

Module Two

Take a Breather

Recharge with tried and tested breathing practices bundled into 5-minute guided videos to help you energize, reset, balance, calm the mind, ground yourself and more!

Module Three

Manage Physical Pain

Take 5 to 7 minutes throughout your day no matter where you are to address neck and shoulder pain, wrist pain, low back pain, eye strain and spinal stiffness.

Module Four

Wind Down

Turn off your computer, take 10-30 minutes to switch gears and enjoy the rest of your day without thinking about work or being tempted to open up your laptop and send that last email.

Bonus Module

Align your Day for Increased Efficiency

Tap into the secrets of nature to improve your quality of sleep, digestive health and mood so you're ready for anything your day asks of you.

What Bonuses are Included in the Digital Wellness Package?

Bonus Module

Align your Month for Best Results

Discover the deep connection between the moon, your mind and your hormones. Align with your month to nourish your spirit.

Bonus Module

EFT for Stress Release

Learn about and practice a specialized version of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to eliminate stress in just minutes.

Meet Parm

I'm an engineer turned yoga and meditation instructor.

How did that happen? Part of it was burn out.

I vividly recall the overwhelming exhaustion I felt at the end of my university years. I felt like I just couldn’t get a break. It was one thing after the other after the other.

It was like no one saw what I was going through or considered my needs throughout all of it.

It took me years to realize that people actually couldn't see what I was going through. It wasn't that they didn't care, it was that all they saw was someone doing their best and smiling through it all.

I knew it was up to me to take care of myself. I created the Digital Wellness Kit because I know how hard it is to start on this path without guidance.

I never used to put myself first and it resulted in me needing to take an entire year off of work! I didn’t care about the gap in my resume, all I knew is that I couldn't stand another minute of offices, meetings, calls and collaborations.

If this sounds familiar, this kit was designed with you in mind. The practices are designed to fit into your day seamlessly and help you put your best foot forward every time.

If you're ready to start loving your life again, take my hand and let me show you the way.

Digital Wellness Kit | Digital Wellness Kit

What my Clients Say

Parm is one of my favorite instructors. She easy, gentle, & effortless. Always great learning more about the art of yoga from such a knowledgeable teacher.
Drew Giles
I would definitely work with Parm again, she has a very soothing voice that helps me calm my anxiety, and she is very positive and encouraging throughout the entire process. She makes you believe you can be better and helps you on your path to get there.
Summer Hasan
I started yoga with Parm during a tough and dark time for myself. Working with Parm has really helped me manage my overall well being and allowed me to function at my best to address challenges in my life!
Sam K.

Digital Wellness Kit

Are you ready to eliminate stress, master your mind and emotions and beat burn out?​



Digital Wellness Package

Are you ready get to know your body, find balance and say goodbye to stress?





This kit is structured with your work day in mind.

It’s broken up into modules that focus on starting your day off right, integrating mini breaks into your day, managing physical pain (without medication) and winding down at the end of the day.

Finding time is the real challenge throughout your day which is why the videos in this kit are designed to be as short and powerful as possible.

Within just a few minutes, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to jump into your next task.

The Digital Wellness Kit can be used as often as you need.

Indulge in these proven practices whenever you’re feeling off-balance, stressed or restless.

The more time you spend taking care of your body and mind in this way, the less time you’ll have to spend at your desk. Yes, you’ll be that much better at your job.


This take-everywhere solution to stress is suitable for all levels, whether you’ve never practised yoga, breath work or meditation a day in your life or you practice every day.

This kit is designed to bring balance and equanimity to your mind.

Think about it, your work relationships (and all other relationships for that matter) are only difficult when you’re already stressed.

If you’re calm and balanced, you’re able to step back from the situation, see it objectively and respond accordingly.

This feeling of calm and centredness is exactly what this kit will bring you. From this space, you’ll be able to manage anything that comes your way with a smile, whether that’s a lawsuit, team dynamics or call after call after call.

How much of your time goes into the black hole between tasks?

What if all of it could be spent on doing the tasks you actually need to do?

This is the focus that the Digital Wellness Kit will bring you.

The stress-beating practices in the kit will help you beat burn out and remain calm and focussed throughout your entire day.

You’ll hit the ground running and end your day on time, with energy leftover to spend on people and things you love.

Weekly wellness classes are a step away from your routine and can be incredibly rejuvenating.

This kit is designed to fit into your day regardless where you are and what you’re doing.

You and I both know it’s not possible to step away every single time overwhelm creeps in. That’s where the Digital Wellness Kit comes in.

This kit has been designed to help you eliminate stress, boost your mood and master your mind and emotions.


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