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Resources for the Spiritual Path

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This page is dedicated to sharing things that have positively impacted me on my journey. As you scroll down, you’ll find all my favourite products related to spiritual growth, holistic health care and proactive self care.

Your discipline is your kindness to yourself and the more you commit to these products and the practices they advocate, the further you’ll go.

To be completely transparent, some of the links on this page are affiliate links. That means if you click on something, like the product and decide to go through with purchase, I may get a small commission through no extra work or commitment on your part. This commission helps me maintain and bring you all the services and information held in these pages.

I can personally vouch for everything on this page and stand wholly behind the value these things will bring you. I’ll also regularly update this page with companies, products and services that I discover and love.

Resources on the Spiritual Path

Yoga Philosophy

There are many interpretations of the ancient yoga texts. Below I've pasted the versions that I've found to be the most straightforward and complete. They're easy to understand and written for people like you and I.

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Vasistha's Yoga

A philosophical discourse given by Sage Vasistha to Lord Rama describing the nature of the Self in the form of short stories.

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Patanjali Yoga Sutras

A discourse on concise, Sanskrit formulas given by Sage Patanjali on the 8 limbs of yoga and the fruits they bear.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Ashtavakra Gita

A conversation between Sage Ashtavakra and King Janaka who had both worldly responsibilities and a deep spiritual longing for knowledge on the nature of reality.

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Hatha Yoga Pradipika

There is a parallel between inner purity and outer purity. This text from the Nath tradition focuses on outer purity via the physical aspects of yoga: mudras, pranayama, asanas and kriyas.

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Bhagavad Gita

A conversation between Lord Krishna and Arjuna, the seeker, outlining the stages of a spiritual journey up until moksha - spiritual liberation.

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Yoga: Your Home Practice Companion

When I first decided to build my own practice, I did so with the help of this book. It builds on simple postures until you find yourself easing into the postures shown on the cover of this book.

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An Intimate Note to the Sincere Seeker

The wisdom I share during each class comes from this book. Somehow when you open it up to a random page, it's always what you need to hear in that moment. Try it out!

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Yoga and Vedic Astrology

This book provides the foundation of Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology) for the beginner and beautifully lays out the ties to yoga philsophy.


As with anything that gains popularity on the market, it becomes very hard to find authenticity. These books as well as the authors embody the spirit of Ayurveda and convey it in their writing.

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The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Dr. Vasant Lad (the author) is the father of modern Ayurveda. I have personally found all of his works to be intuitively true.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

The Yoga of Herbs: An Ayurvedic Guide to Herbal Medicine

Another one by Dr. Vasant Lad, find a rather complete guide to herbs and their uses in this book.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Ayurveda: The Science of Self Healing: A Practical Guide

Another must-have explanatory text on Ayurveda by Dr. Vasant Lad.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Ayurveda Beginner’s Guide: Essential Ayurvedic Principles & Practices to Balance & Heal Naturally

Susan Weis-Bohlen approaches Ayurveda in a very simple, straightforward and understandable way in this beautifully written text.

Support Your Practice

Create your Space

In a home, there are many, many influences to consider. Thousands of years ago, natural energy purifiers were used and there's no need to reinvent the wheel.

The following items are items that I personally use and place around my home to increase the sattva or positive energy.

Of all of these, Rudraksha beads are the largest commitment. There are many different types, each with different energy signatures; they're not all suitable for everyone. Do thorough research before committing to the purchase as purchasing the wrong beads can result in complications.

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Himalayan Salt Crystal

The energy given off by the Himalayan Salt crystal is unmistakable. The gentle light and grounding presence soothes and sets the tone for a spiritual practice. I've linked to a crystal holder that has space for a tea light as something that I use personally but crystal lamps work equally well.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Rudraksha Beads

Rudraksha beads are said to be tears of Lord Shiva, shed when he saw the beauty of this world. These beads are worn for protection and maintaining your space. Do your research before committing to this purchase as purchasing the wrong beads can have negative effects.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Mala Beads

Mala beads traditionally come in sets of 108. They can be used for japa and for their energetic presence. Choose a material that supports your goals.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends


Incense can be used to cleanse your space. Different mixtures provide different benefits.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Incense Holder

Choose an incense holder that fits your space and your vibe. Use it to place lit incense after clearing your space. I prefer the simple wooden ones but all do the job!

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Wind Chimes

The vibrations created by wind chimes subtly elevate the energy in your home. I purchased these and love the light, grounding energy they emit.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Tulsi Plant

Tulsi or holy plants and are said to be very auspicious to have in your home. Needless to say, they'll uplift you visually and energetically.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Water Fountain

Water fountains are not only soothing to hear, they keep the energy in a space flowing even when the doors and windows are shut. I purchased this one for its simplicity!

Yoga Supplies and Accessories

Creating space is a little bit like compartmentalizing your life. Having specific materials for your practice will help to maintain the energy of that space. While you can use household items in place of purchasing specific things, as you progress on the path, you'll begin to notice the energetic shifts that happen between different spaces in your home.

Just like you wouldn't use the same cleaning gloves in the bathroom and the kitchen, it's a good idea to get props and accessories that you use solely for your practice.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Manduka Rubber Yoga Mat

I was gifted a Manduka Rubber Yoga Mat and have loved it since then. As you progress in your practice, you'll become more sensitive to energies; once you're ready to move away from plastic mats, these are a great option.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Manduka Cork Yoga Blocks

Grounding, heavy, ethically sourced cork yoga blocks support your restorative yoga postures and your experimental postures. 😉

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Yoga Strap

A yoga strap is incredible for helping you get into the deeper muscles in the thighs. These can be difficult to reach without support and a yoga strap is your best friend as you venture inwards.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends


Every once in a while, it's important to slow down. These bolsters along with your other props will help you dive into the deeper muscles and deeper layers of your mind.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Yoga Blanket

A yoga blanket is essential even for beginners. In final savasana the body cools and the mind is unable to rest unless the body is comfortable - for this reason it's important to keep the body warm and reassure the mind. This blanket can double as a meditation blanket.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Meditation Cushion

If you're unable to sit for long periods of time on the floor, I recommend investing in a meditation cushion.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Meditation Chair

This is the ultimate tool for meditation. It's cushioned and has back support and is one of my favourites. It really enables you to let go.

Self Care

Supportive Herbs and Mixtures

I have listed the common use for each of the herbs listed below. However, each herb or mixture is very powerful and has many, many benefits. Do a quick google search to see what you're getting for your money.

Below I've linked to the herbs in powder form, but tablets are also available, the company Sri Sri Tattva provides high quality herbs in tablet form. Scroll down for a link to their website under Trusted Suppliers.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends


Immunity Booster - a great source of Vitamin C.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Amruth / Guduchi / Giloy

Amruth means nectar, this is a very powerful immune booster.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Sri Sri Shakti Drops

A proprietary mixture of immune boosting herbs.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends


Traditionally used for women's health. Supports the reproductive system and balances pitta.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends


Supports digestion, safe and supportive for all 3 doshas.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends


Nourishes the body and boosts resilience to stress.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends


Promotes strong, healthy hair growth.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends


Cools the mind and the body, helps to improve focus.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends


A blood-purifying herb, clears skin conditions and balances pitta.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Curry Leaf Powder

Improves body's ability to absorb nutrients (I use it at every meal).

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends


Formulated during the COVID-19 pandemic by the Ayurveda team at the Bangalore ashram to boost immunity and fight colds and viral infections. If you feel a cold coming on, take 2 tablets after breakfast, lunch and dinner for 3 consecutive days.

Supplements and Super Foods

In today's world, it's not practical to eat until you have enough nutrients. Here is my hand-curated list of favourite super foods and supplements.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends


High in iron and a complete protein.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Nutritional Yeast

High in B vitamins - B12 especially which helps the body metabolize proteins, fats and carbs. As a plus, Bob's Red Mill is an employee owned company!

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Hemp Seeds

Incredibly high in protein which aids in muscle repair.

Skin and Hair Oils

Just like different foods have different properties and effects on the body, the same can be said for oils. Here, I've listed the main oils I use for my skin and hair. (Pro-tip: You can use high quality cooking oils.)

sesame oil

Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is the king of oils in Ayurveda and I always have this big bottle in stock. It is grounding, warming and best used for self-massage in colder months. Vata body types will love this oil.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Olive Oil

Olive oil is neutral (neither heating or cooling) and is suitable for all doshas. Pitta types should avoid too much sesame oil and opt for olive or coconut instead.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Coconut Oil

A cooling oil that is perfect for summer. I use coconut oil for my scalp in summer and also my skin.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Almond Oil

Slightly warming oil, nourishing for the scalp and skin both. Best used in cooler months, or when you feel cold and sesame oil would be overdoing it.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Amla Oil

Amla oil is cooling and also a good option for a scalp massage, promotes healthy, thick hair.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Castor Oil

Castor oil (mixed with olive 1:1 ratio) support a healthy scalp and promote strong hair.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Nasya Oil

Nasya oil lubricates, soothes and cleanses delicate nasal tissues to release tension, improve clarity of mind and balance your doshas.

Own your Routine

Progressing on the spiritual path is a holistic commitment. It extends into all areas of your life. Here, I've listed some products that I prefer to use for my physical and mental self-care.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Dr. Singha's Mustard Bath

A cleansing bath mixture to help you detoxify the body and do a little home cleanse. Use this on a Friday or Saturday and expect to be tired the next day or two.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Oil Heater

What good is an abhyanga if you have to keep getting up to warm up your oil? A mug warmer works well and is what I use!

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Organic Loofa

What you use on your skin is just as important as what you put on it. This organic loofa is made without chemicals, lasts for much longer than regular plastic loofas and feels great on your skin.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Sudanta Herbal Toothpaste

I have used this brand for years and honestly speaking, here and there I've used Colgate brands and the sickeningly sweet taste of fluoride is too much for me.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Tongue Scraper

By monitoring the coating on your tongue in the morning (ama or toxins), you can monitor your health. For that, you need to regularly scrape the coating off, in the morning and in the evening before you go to bed.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Ayurvedic Face Wash

I've used this face wash for years and still get comments that I look 16 years old. I'll take that as a direct compliment to this face wash.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Neti Pot

A yogic tool and process used to cleanse the third eye.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Tulsi Tea

A herbal tea to support the body's response to stressful triggers.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends


Journaling was my first step on the spiritual path. It's a way to actively dive into the mind. Even though I meditate regularly, I still value journaling because it enables me to approach a different part of my mind.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Kansa Wand

This wand is used to massage the face. It uses a special metal called Kansa to pull the toxins out of your skin. This is great for balancing pitta, creating a holistic skin care routine and inviting a natural glow to your face.

Trusted Suppliers

Herbs, Oils and Self-Care

These are my favourite suppliers for high-quality herbs, oils and self-care products. Many of them also sell many other products in their own niche.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends


Sewanti Herbs are high quality and have a good shelf life. This is my favourite brand when shopping herbs. Most of their herbs are in powder form.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Sri Sri Tattva

Sri Sri Tattva has a special place in my heart. It was part of my first introduction to the Ayurvedic world of herbs. It also has many herbs in tablet form which makes them infinitely easier to take.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends


Sevayu was recommended to me by an Ayurvedic doctor and I was pleasantly surprised by both the in-store experience and the herb quality. At the time they carried herbs I couldn't find anywhere else.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends


Rootalive is not a specific Ayurvedic herb carrier but they do carry some of the more popular herbs like Triphala and Ashwagandha. They sometimes have larger quantities as well!

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Banyan Botanicals

Banyan is my go-to for high quality oils when I'm travelling in the US. Their sesame oil is top-notch and my skin loves it.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Now Foods

Now Foods is my go to when I need small quantities of a specific oil.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends


High quality oils and wonderful customer service.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends


High quality, affordable oils. They ship to Canada and offer a good sized bottle of sesame oil (the king of oils in Ayurveda).

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Dr. Singha

They supply the only detoxifying bath you'll ever need. It's powerful and you can feel it working.

Food, Supplies and Favourite Suppliers​

In today's world, it's hard to find quality goods. The suppliers I've listed here are transparent, affordable and have ethical practices. The icing on top is that they're readily available for purchase.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends


Yupik is a relatively new discovery for me, however they have a lot of healthier options that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Traditional Medicinals

By far my favourite tea brand. There is no fluff in these teas, just pure herbal goodness. You can tell from the taste that they're well thought out, packed with value and not just thrown together.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends


An ethical yoga supply company. Their rubber yoga mats and cork blocks are a must in my personal practice.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

A Canadian web store with a wealth of products and an amazing search experience. Filter by fair trade, peanut-free faciliy, non-GMO, Canadian, Vegan and so many more!

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Okay, this has to be everyone's favourite. Shop at Costco for inexpensive, healthy foods in bulk from smaller brands. Who doesn't win in this scenario?

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Boone Ashram Online Store

I purchased many things from this store and can personally vouch for the in-store vibe and the absolute love and care they put into handling, sourcing and shipping their products.

Self Care: Mobile Apps and Retreat Centres

Venturing into the space of vacation, retreats and mobile applications, I've put together the following list for you.

Each place listed has a special place in my heart and has provided me with a transformative experience.

The mobile applications I've listed are ones that I use daily to plan my day and soothe my mind.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends


A meditation app equipped with a library of sacred sounds, chants, meditations, and wisdom.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Cosmic Insights

Vedic astrology made accessible. Download this app for a breakdown of your birth chart and the energies you'll expect to face daily. This app is more technical and packed than Align27.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends


Align27 is a vedic astrology app that packages the material in a very user-friendly way. Open up the app to see how the planets will affect your day and what you can do to counteract any negative effects.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

International Art of Living Retreat Centre Canada

This ashram is my home. I spent 6 months here during the darkest months of my spiritual awakening and it is the most supportive, loving atmosphere you can imagine.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

Art of Living Retreat Center

After my tenure at the Canadian Ashram, I spent about 4 months at this centre in Boone, NC. This ashram doubles as a retreat centre and is absolutely lovely, it has a different energy than the Canadian centre.

Parm Recommends | Parm Recommends

The Bangalore Ashram

After establishing Parm's Yoga, I spent 6 months at the Bangalore Ashram in India. Each ashram has it's own energy and this one is home. I cried inconsolably when it was time to leave this ashram.

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