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You know something is missing but don't know what it is. You've tried everything to find fulfillment. You've looked for it in your career, studies, relationships, family, friends, travel and experiences. At the end of the day, you're still stuck at square one with no where to go.

I get it. I've been there and it was only when I made radical changes in my life that I started to find my way.

Now, I mentor millennials who long for a deeper meaning in life but feel caged by societal expectations to break free, uncover the secrets of life, and forge a path to be the difference they want to see in the world.

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Find Inner Peace and Freedom through yoga, meditation, breath work and ancient wisdom.

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When I worked with Parm I felt more calm and in control, not as lost or afraid that my life was passing me by or that I was stuck in this dark hole and couldn’t get out. I worked out more, meditated, and enjoyed yoga for essentially the first time. I felt supported with Parm along for the ride and she was there for me every step of the way.
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It’s likely that all the things that you want are OUTSIDE your comfort zone.How do you approach them?Getting over the fear that stands in the way.And there’s the biggest question of them all.How do you overcome your fears so you can have all the things that you want in life?The key is to work with the mind.Work with the mind to reduce the fears enough so that you can move through them.Here’s the secret:You cannot work directly with the mind because it is not a tangible object. You need to use the tangible world to affect the intangible.In this case, the easiest, fastest thing you can do is work with the breath.I created a Free PDF Guide to help you Overcome Stress and Anxiety in just 5 Minutes.Comment OVERCOME and I’ll send it over along with a Bonus Guided Breathwork Audio.#breathwork #strength #authenticyoga #quietmind #nomorefear #breakingboundaries


Yes! Yoga is not about crazy postures and flexibility. Yoga postures are meant to be gentle stretches that relax the body and bring your mind to stillness.

Peace is your natural state. It is obscured by thoughts, emotions and memories that haven’t been processed and released. Meditation, yoga and breathing techniques will help you release anything and everything that stands between you and your inner peace.

Feeling stuck in your head is the result of having too many thoughts. The practice of yoga is designed specifically to reduce the restlessness of the mind and bring it back to stillness. With just a few minutes of breath work and yoga postures, you’ll be able to still the mind and function at your best.

While meditating you shouldn’t be focussing on anything. Meditation is deep relaxation. If your mind is unsettled, it means that you need to get rid of that restlessness before sitting to meditate. To get rid of the restlessness start your practice with yoga postures and breathing techniques.

A balanced life is one in which you flourish mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. An excess or imbalance in any of these areas can lead to feeling unfulfilled and stagnant in life.

No. To be spiritual, you do not need to become a hermit and live in the mountains away from society. You can indulge in worldly pleasures as long as you do not become attached to them and chase after them. This attachment will hinder your progress on the spiritual path.

Even though you might not feel like it, this is a very good place to be in. You are starting to realize that true happiness and fulfillment does not come from the world around you but instead from within. At this stage, you are ready to begin your inward journey.

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And I’d hate for you to miss out on experiencing inner peace.

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